Consultancy for Professionals

Consultancy services are offered to assist professionals who work with people who have physical disabilities. These services are designed to promote independence and individuality. The existing way clients and staff interact will be looked at. From here, we can discuss strategies to enhance the smoothness of the communication.

Consultancy services can be booked to help professionals with topics including:-

Independent living

Enabling individuals to take responsibility over their lives

Organisational policies which affect the service users

Direct payments

Support worker management

Staff and service users interaction


How am I able to help?

Throughout my life, I have had dealings with a whole range of organisations, and have developed an excellent understanding of how they work. Since I have always been a determined person and therefore have generally been successful in getting my needs met, I am in a position to offer other people help and advice. Everybody is an individual so advice will be tailored to each person or each group circumstances.

SimonsAble Consultancy