Employment History

  • Community Governor at Ingfield Manor School - 2015 until present

    I sit on the board of Governors discussing different business of the school. I have a particular responsibility for the 16+ department, ensuring the students have maximum opportunities to fulfil their potential. .
  • Independent Person at Valence School - 2015 until present

    I am an Independent Person for the students. I am employed for them talk about any issues they have and they do not feel they can talk to a member of staff.
  • Self employed - 2005 until present

    I developed my own business for a number of years prior to starting it. I set it up because I felt there was a gap in disability awareness. I have focused on helping non-disabled people to provide assistance for people with physical disabilities to enhance their quality of life and individuality. I based my services on key aspects of life such as, communication, living independently, and personal relationships. The idea behind my business is to help people think about what is going on in others' heads as a result of their disabilities. It is very important that non-disabled people can empathise with how someone with a disability feels. At the moment, I am introducing and developing more services so I can be more 'hands on' and really understand what the issues are.
  • West Kent College - July 2003

    I did a day's work at my college. I was asked to give a talk to the staff about my life with a disability and the difficulties which I have to deal with. I also ran a workshop on communicating, explaining how to talk to someone who has no speech. In the workshop I split the staff into groups, giving each a communication board so they could try and communicate with each other without speaking 3
  • Christies Care Ltd - June to August 2002

    undertook some work experience for Christies Care for three months. I created a training programme about equality for people with disabilities and then ran four training weekends. Christies Care sent one carer at a time. I specifically set up each session as discussion-based so that carers had a chance to ask questions and feedback. At the end of each weekend I was required to write a detailed report on how the carers did on each section.2