Free Mentoring for Families

We offer an individualised mentoring service to families who have children or young adults with physical disabilities. Each session or series of sessions is tailor made to suit each person's individual needs and situation. The element of guidance we provide will encourage and help them build their self-confidence so that they can pursue certain interests and goals.

With well over ten years experience, we can advise on how to communicate effectively with professional bodies in order to obtain what your child needs. We are aware that having different departments and people to communicate with about many different things can be harrowing - we offer moral support and practical advice throughout this process.

Significant events, such as when a child with a disability is going to a boarding school or college, can be a difficult time and stress levels could mount up. Parents might benefit from talking to someone who has gone through it. Someone who is a friendly face and who can provide a listening ear and practical advice.

Friends and family members might want to discuss issues with someone outside the public sector (like social services or school). We can give a firsthand perspective to families thus offering guidance from a new perspective on situations and issues of concern.

Please check out Simon's video

We can mentor just parents or parents children with disabilities. Please contact us with the relevant link information.

Family mentoring