Fun Things About Simon

I have always had a wicked sense of humour. I always see the funny side of most things. As I have Cerebral Palsy, a have limited control over my body. When I was a boy, my arms were not tied down. I would see someone put a cup of tea near to my hand and would think I must not knock that cup over, but because I was thinking about not doing it, my hand would take an involuntary swipe at it. My hands used to grab handbags off ladies' shoulders. "Oops, sorry, I didn't mean it. It was my hand", sounded a weak excuse!!

I had a tricycle which I rode stupidly fast. I always took the corners too fast and often I tipped it over. People found me still strapped on my tricycle but I had tipped over!!

I am very enthusiastic in what I do both with my professional and personal lives. I have set myself goals which I am determined to achieve. I do not like half doing something and I enjoy being productive. I am a believer in independence and I like to do as much as possible by myself. I never give up. When I was a young boy, I used to spend weeks trying to do something and eventually I would find a way of achieving it. I used to drive people nuts as I did not want any help even though it would have been easier. If I am capable of doing something myself, I will kindly decline any help offered. It is not because I am being awkward, it is because I like being independent!

I really dislike being lazy. I do not watch television unless there is something on I specifically want to watch. I like to do things which have a point. When I go shopping, I know what I want to buy and I get it. I do not like looking in a shop for hours on ends and buying things that do not serve a function. I am an extremely functional person and I never buy things because they look good. Personally, I cannot see any gain from that. If I had £1,000,000, I would probably do set up a Centre of Excellent of Disability Awareness as I feel that strongly about my work.

I am very hard working. I enjoy my work and I see my business sort of like a hobby. I am not satisfied if I half do something. I do take my work very seriously as I believe people should do their best help others.

simon playing tennis

My brother and me playing tennis

Simon at brand hatch
Simon at Brands Hatch

Simon and Marilyn Monroe
Simon and Marilyn Monroe