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The Laines Pub Company
Communication and Disability Awareness Workshops 5 and 6 September

“Liked the reasonable adjustments session”  GD

“Enjoyed the ways to approach people with disabilities, the correct terms to use and the legislation”  CD

“Very interactive and informative, great content”  CW

“Educational whilst nice and relaxed”  NW

“Presentation excellent and using the letter board an interesting experience”  H

“Very useful thank you”  JW

“Learnt several new ways to approach people” W  TK

“It was perfect”  E


Charities Aid Foundation
Communication with a Difference   23 January 2013

Thoroughly enjoyed Simon’s delivery and humour.

It’s great to have the opportunity to learn how one can communicate with someone who has a disability. 

I have never met someone who cannot speak before and I really learnt from Simon.  I would have liked more opportunity to hear Simon’s thoughts on issues and to have interacted more with him. 

The Pub Company
Communication and Disability Awareness - October 2015

Thank you very much for your time, I found today very informative and useful and will implement all points to our

Thank you the tasks really helped me understand. 

We enjoyed the communication boards and the tasks, it was interesting learning how to better

Simon’s insight was really useful, interesting to know what the reality is like for someone with

Very good workshop, very good delivery.

I am very glad that I came, thanks

I do think the session has changed the way I think about people with disabilities


Crown Business Communications Ltd - 03 March 2010
Communication with a Difference Workshop

I enjoyed that the talk was delivered by Simon, someone with a severe physical disability [Cerebral Palsy];

;It opened my eyes that all people are approachable

Enjoyed the tasks especially using the letter board [to communicate as someone without any speech]

I feel like I have really learnt something

I learnt how to address disabled people and their assistants

It was a real insight from real people

Feeling far more comfortable at the end than at the start was verynoticeable [about interacting with someone who has a severe disability]

The openness and relaxed presentation of the talk was helpful

Tasks were a good way of brining the issues to life – made it easier to understand how hard it is for people who have no speech

It was relaxed and I felt comfortable asking any questions

Oakdown House – 28 October 2009

Independent Living Workshop for Staff

Was made to feel comfortable in discussing all topics

The whole discussion was useful, establishing communication, respecting choices, privacy and space

The reason I attended this talk is because the subject matter [Independent Living within a Residential Home] interested me and I have previously attended one of Simons talks and thoroughly enjoyed it

I learnt a lot and it enlightened me

Very relaxed and informative

Enjoyed Simons enthusiasm and sharing experiences

Quality Respite Care - 23 October 2009

Independent Living Presentation for the Residents

Very Informative

Thanks from us all, I was inspired when I first met Simon and I am still inspired

Simon was such an inspiration.It was excellent

Oakdown House - 20 October 2009

Communication Workshop for Staff

The tasks made me realise how communication works and what it feels like to be impaired

I find communication very interesting as I`ve had several ear operations and I understand the frustrations our clients may have

Great chats and good use of humour throughout the presentation

Oakdown House - 14 October 2009

Independent Living Workshop for Staff

The talk allowed me to gain insight and understanding of the clients and their preferences

Very informative and enjoyable

Would enjoy more training with Simon

Thoroughly enjoyed this workshop, I found it refreshed my knowledge and reminded me not to take things for granted

Oakdown House - 29 September 2009

Communication Workshop for Staff

I admire Simon and his strength of personality and his ability to enable us to learn and understand

;A really thought provoking session – thank you

Enjoyed witnessing the relationship between Simon andhis assistant and how easily they communicated

Compaid Trust - 21 July 2009

Disability Awareness Workshop for Staff

I learned so much about how to talk to people.

I enjoyed taking part in the tasks; they were excellent

Good visual bullet points.

A lot of ground was covered.

Very interesting presentation, it will make me think about how to effectively communicate with a speech impaired person.

Made me realise that I dont always use the right terminology.

Oakdown House - 26 March 2009

Communicating and Working Together - Staff Training

I have learnt a lot about freedom of choice. You have helped me understand a great deal about communication. No Improvements, Simon, your talk was very informative and I think you are wonderful. Thank you very much.

At the end of the talk the discussion was informal and interesting.The talk was very good and I think all care staff should do this course.Thank you very much.

It was very motivational and I got a lot out of it, thank you very much.

Extremely useful and motivational.

Woodlarks Workshop Trust - 25 March 2009

Independent Living Workshop for Residents

If Simon can do it then I can. Thank you for coming.

It was very interesting.

It has shown me that I can try.

The talk was excellent.

Woodlark Trust

Woodlarks Trust Staff

Woodlarks Trust Managers

Woodlarks Trust Managers

Woodlarks Trust clients

Woodlarks Trust clients

Woodlarks Workshop Trust - 18 February 2009

Independent Living Workshop for Staff

Your talk motivated me!

Thank you for coming. Hopefully your next talk to the residents will give them the same zest for life as you possess.

I enjoyed listening to Simon about how he has improved his life by being able to do the things he wants to do and how happy he is.

Simons sense of humour made it relaxed and fun.

Very encouraging and educational.

It was very interesting for me.

You could not improve on the presentation and we would like to see you here again for another talk, this time to the residents.

Treloar College - March 2008

Communication with a Difference for Staff

Enjoyed... Simon coming round chatting with us.

Excellent powerpoint presentation

Tasks were an excellent way for us to know how it feels to have limited speech.

The workshop was really informative and interesting.

I enjoyed the fact that the workshop was delivered by a communication aid user himself.

Doing the tasks made me more aware of how long it takes to communicate effectively.

Southview School - February 2008

Communication with a Difference for Staff

I really enjoyed the tasks, they really made me think about communicating with asking yes/no questions

Simons interactions with the group

Simons personal experiences of communication aids

Questions at the end were good

Good information on ways to communicate

Learning how to use the alphabetical board

Hearing about communication from your perspective

Seeing how quick the alphabetical board can be used

The inspiration it gave to colleagues

Food for thought for our own pupils

Enjoyed hearing first hand from an AAC user

West Kent College - July 2007

Communication with a Difference for Staff

I feel much more relaxed to talk to a student with a disability I thought it was extremely useful and would highly recommend it

Simon's sense of humour

Nice relaxed atmosphere

No pressure as the tasks were fun and not too complicated

Scope - August 2005

Disability and Personal Relationships for Staff

Many thanks - a difficult area of discussion - you made it relatively easy

The tasks given were thought provoking and encouraged deep thinking

To have a knowledge of disability and personal relationships and the problems/effects on individuals will greatly assist me in my work

Scope - August 2005

Communication with the Difference

Communication with a Difference for Staff

A very good workshop - well presented

The workshop was challenging and professionally delivered